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July 2017

National data and new home data are irrelevant unless you are a macro-economist. Here's the data you need...

The market index increased seasonally to 1.7 months supply from last month's 1.6. Washington, DC is still ahead with 1.5 months supply; then Loudoun County at 1.6; Northern Virginia at 1.7; and Montgomery County at 1.9.

Days on the market, and seller concessions have bottomed and are starting to increase slowly. Average prices continue to increase, but remember that there is a 1 to 2-month lag in the price data. Here's the low-down on all statistics; what they mean to you, and what they don't.

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The report above is prepared monthly from David's independent research for his clients. It does not contain important data for macro-economists, is not tailored for a TV audience, includes no national data, and is not prepared by the computer weenies at the MLS. Click this link to learn how this report is prepared and why it is the best available anywhere! Raw data is available on request for any month, 1990 to present.

(1) Market Index (Months Supply of Resale Homes): Below 1.5 is a hot sellers' market; 1.5 to 3.0 is a (normal) sellers' market; 3.0 to 5.0 is a neutral market; above 5.0 is a buyers' market. Months Supply measures the ratio of sellers to buyers.
(2) Northern Virginia: Alexandria, Arlington County, and Fairfax County.
(3) Results are not seasonally adjusted.

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