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Lady Katie was sold in 2013. For Lady Katie photos 1999 to 2013 click here.

What to Bring
Bring your lunch, sunscreen, and a hat if you wish. I'll provide a large cooler with ice to store everyone's food and drink. Drinks in aluminum or plastic are preferred to those in glass bottles.

Wear rubber soled shoes and clothes that can get wet. It can sometimes be cool on the water early in the morning. On cool Spring and Fall days, we stay warm in our heated enclosure.

Step smartly from the dock onto the boat. You can reach for the aluminum tower legs for moral support. The outrigger cords will not help. From the side deck, step down onto the step below (it's a long step) and then onto the deck. Don't jump! If you have brought food or drink, we might ask that it be loaded into the boat's cooler. Your cooler can then be stowed in your car, freeing up valuable deck space.

Safety Aboard
In the unlikely event that we have to abandon ship at sea we have thoughtfully provided life jackets. They are stored under the seats behind the helm (starboard side) and across from the helm (port side). A few of the life jackets are marked “small” and should only be used by a child. As we go over the side, we'll be sure to take the hand-held VHF Marine Radio, the hand-held GPS Receiver, Flare Gun, Signal Horn, Whistle, and the EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) so that we can summon assistance. For less serious emergencies aboard, we can use the installed VHF Radio and GPS. Radio Channel 16 is used to summon help and is monitored by the Coast Guard. Cell phones might also work with “911.”

The Marine Toilet (Head)
Please do not put anything in the marine toilet (head) other than human waste and the special toilet tissue found inside the vanity door. To flush, push the round black button on the wall next to the head. Please leave the seats down after use, and keep all doors latched or hooked so that they cannot swing freely. Read the detailed instructions posted in the head.

Regulations (Placards)
Please read information aboard. In summary: 1-Possession of illegal drugs can result in confiscation of the Lady Katie. 2-Throwing trash overboard is prohibited.

The boat will rock and roll, even on a calm day due to other boat's wakes, so be careful not to leave food, drinks, cameras, cell phones, etc. where they are subject rolling onto the deck or overboard. Feel free to ask about operation of the boat and learn and help with fishing techniques. Don't try to help with docking: The boat weighs 12 tons, so be sure that you do not get your hand between it and the dock! We usually have sun-screen, plates, cups, (fine) plasticware, and extra drinks. If you can not find what you need, just ask!

The boat will have fishing equipment, expertise, and bait. Wear rubber soled shoes and clothes that can get wet and hopefully fishy, and bring a cooler if you plan to take fish home. Long pants will help minimize fly bites. We do four kinds of fishing: Trolling, where baits (usually artificial lures) are pulled behind the moving boat; Chumming, where chum (ground fish) is thrown into the water behind the anchored boat and baited hooks are released into the chum slick; Bottom fishing, where lines have a weight and are sent to the bottom for fish (the boat is usually adrift); and jigging which is similar to bottom fishing. Two kinds of rods and reels are available: Conventional reels sit on the top of the rod and are reeled with the right hand; Spinning reels sit below the rod and are reeled by the left hand. Part of the fun is being able to mis-use each type.

Cruising to popular ports is best done on weekdays, especially during peak season. This helps assure that there is a berth (dockage) for us so that we do not have to swim ashore. Weekend cruises are possible with some advance planning. Some spots within reach are Smith Island, Saint Michaels, Baltimore Inner Harbor, Solomon's Island, Kent Narrows, Tihlman Island, and Oxford. All of these are in Maryland.

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